126 Trees Planted in 🇮🇸 & A Warm Thank You!

March 2021 saw us plant a further 126 trees...this month in ICELAND! 🇮🇸

That’s now 735 trees planted across 6 different continents in as many months. So far we’ve put trees in the ground to support reforestation, empower biodiversity & safeguard ethical economies trying to make a difference in The Amazon Rainforest, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Australia, Mexico and now, Iceland. And this one is just a little bit different from the rest...

We are delighted to introduce & support this brand new ‘afforestation’ project in Iceland! This is a special one...

Centuries ago, Iceland used to have up to 40% forest cover. Deforestation now leaves that number at just 5%. And since so much time has passed, that’s why this project is a little different from our usual tree planting work with our partners.

The 170 hectare area on the south facing slopes of ‘The Dragon’s Nest’ (yes, we were attracted by the name 🐉) where we’ll be planting trees is degraded from former grazing land with low growing, non continuous vegetation. This area has huge potential to become a forest once again. And that’s why this month we are looking at AFFORESTATION as opposed to our usual reforestation.

We’ll be regrowing this area as a new mixed species forest which will provide enriched biodiversity for most species’ groups including birch, pine, spruce and black cottonwood 🌳🌲🌳

The forest will moderate stream fluctuations creating better conditions for freshwater organisms, native insects and marine life. The forest will make a huge contribution to carbon sequestration which will be a reversal of current emissions.

This is such an exciting project to be involved with. Our goal when starting our was to plant enough trees over time to create a forest. We now watch as we quite literally contribute to the growth & creation of a reborn forest in Iceland through this amazing afforestation project.

What an honour this journey has been so far. Next stop, 1,000 trees! 🌲🌳🌲 

As always, a special thank you goes out to everybody who has supported the store over the past 6 months. Without you, non of this conservation work, biodiversity support and efforts to empower reforestation and now afforestation is possible. So from the bottom of our hearts - THANK YOU! We hope you are as proud as we are today. Together, we are truly making a difference.

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