Our Story

Who are Eco Garden?

Eco Garden are committed to making your every routine more sustainable & eco friendly than ever before without compromising on convenience. By providing a digital garden for you to harvest environmentally friendly, bespoke products - hand-selected & sourced from responsible manufacturers, Eco Garden is determined to show the world that Going Green Starts At Home & we want to make it easier & more accessible than ever before!

We are uncompromising in our mission to remove plastic from our households. Removing single-use plastic is great, but searching for durable, viable & lasting natural material replacements is what drives us. This development will truly promote long-term benefits & breathe new life into our home planet. We refuse to use plastic in our products. We favour sustainable, responsibly sourced materials which remove any plastic pollution in the development or creation process; or the disposal of our products. That is why all of our products are completely naturally biodegradable or compostable.

We only collaborate with responsible & ethical suppliers & manufacturers who work with natural alternatives to make the removal of plastic from our households more achievable than ever before. Making a more organic, zero-waste domestic life more accessible than ever before is our goal & we are committed to making it a reality for everyone. With no compromise to convenience - by taking these small steps now we can make a huge difference together to save our planet.

What do Eco Garden Do?

Eco-Garden specialises in bespoke, high quality daily eco-friendly essentials. Our products are approachable, user-friendly & stand up to the test against their plastic counterparts. Our belief is that by changing small habits & consumption in our own homes, we can truly make a big impact to the survival & the empowerment of our beautiful planet. Our products are completely environmentally friendly & sustainably sourced. We use no plastic in any of our products or packaging to remove not only single-use plastic from our collective world but also to encourage the use of more sustainably sourced natural materials in favour of plastics & polymers. Our whole process from manufacturing; to shipping, to arriving on your doorstep is completely plastic-free & eco-friendly & we are not only proud to do so but also uncompromising to this commitment.

We take every single measure imaginable to ensure our products are durable & long-lasting when compared to their plastic or non-environmentally friendly counterparts. This is a core belief of ours as if the products we provided were not equally (if not more so in our product's case) convenient & durable we would not be fulfilling our pledge to make it easier to Go Green From Home than ever before. Rigorous testing, development & customer feedback means we can provide you with our own eco friendly products in absolute confidence of their performance both in comparison to other sustainable products on the market & as well as their plastic alternatives.

Making adjustments to our daily lives does not have to come at the expense of comfort & convenience. We prove day in, day out that truly eco-friendly products are not only better for the environment & the healing of our planet but also for our spiritual & cognitive well-being. Knowing you are making a difference not only looks brilliant in your home, but makes you feel truly part of something. Part of a movement. A revolution.

Our natural alternatives are healthier for the skin, better for your domestic environment & of course wholeheartedly better for the planet. The bigger picture here is to bring about genuine positive healing & change for our beautiful planet - but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the process whilst you inspire others to follow suit? Be the leading example for others to follow! Being part of this movement, this pledge, this passion to "green up' our planet is now more convenient, more approachable & more viable than ever before with Eco Garden.

Eco Garden & Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

Eco Garden are proud of our partnership with the wonderful people at One Tree Planted. When setting up this business, it was a dream of ours to manufacture & create truly wonderful & unique products gifted to us by natural resources.

Using only environmentally friendly materials & promoting ethical, sustainable practice, we are proud to make it easier than ever before to Go Green From Home. With us you can shop guilt free knowing each & every product is plastic-free, was sustainably & responsibly sourced & knowing that each purchase sees a donation go to One Tree Planted - who do sensational work with our donations. For every time you use one of our products at home, you have actively helped One Tree Planted plant a tree!

We always wanted to partner with charities who mirrored our ethics & gave us opportunity to give back to nature & we are proud now to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted. We are honoured to plant trees alongside these incredible people to truly create a healthier world & we want to thank each & every one of you who purchase & support our products as it is YOU who is truly making the difference. YOU are planting trees. YOU are breathing new life into our planet. And we want to thank One Tree Planted for helping us bring about this wonderful energy & a positive change to how we all consume on a daily basis.

One Tree Planted plant trees to restore nature & biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees & offer ethical, eco-friendly businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution & a means to motivate all generations to do something positive for the environment. Trees clean our air & water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health & well-being, & create jobs for social impact. We’re honoured to have reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model & we are truly thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back.

If you'd like to know more about the exceptional work One Tree Planted do, please pay close attention to our social media platforms where we regularly update about the wonderful things this incredible organisation are doing & how many trees we have planted together!

Where Are Eco Garden?

Whilst we are predominantly an online business trying to spread the word for convenient, positive change as far as we can - we are proud to be located in the heart of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

'Hebden' is a small market town in the Upper Calder Valley of the United Kingdom. The stunning rolling Yorkshire countryside dominates our vistas with natural moors, rivers & of course our famous canal reminding each & every resident how privileged we are every single day to wake up & exist in such a remarkably natural environment.

Hebden Bridge is known as a bustling community of green minded Yorkshire folk who care deeply about their consumption. As a collective, the town has many initiatives, wonderful zero waste shops & community hubs which promote environmental consciousness all set within a sprawling, stunning Yorkshire landscape which we are absolutely honoured & privileged to have grown up in. Beauty & awareness such as this must be promoted, preserved & protected, not just in Hebden Bridge but all around the world - & it was one of many contributing factors which inspired me to start Eco Garden.

We look forward to hosting market stalls & sharing our eco-products with our hometown - a belonging which roots itself deep inside our products & our ethics. We hope to do our fellow Yorkshire folk proud.

Our dear friend, Andrew Smith with his company Snapper Designs is responsible for all the sensational local photography you see across our website & our social medias. Andy has a spectacular ability to capture not just the beauty of our gorgeous Yorkshire heritage & countryside, but also our way of life. You can see within these photographs the soul of our environment. The power of our natural world & a tranquil grace that needs to be preserved & treasured.

Through Eco Garden we hope to also promote our visitors & customers to appreciate the wonderful world we have on our doorsteps. By looking closer to home we can truly find cause & reason to do something about climate change, plastic pollution & other environmental issues which threaten the natural beauty & sustainability of our local & larger world. We may be small in comparison to our sprawling, incredulous landscapes & surrounding worlds - no matter where you live - but we are responsible for the health & the sustainability of our surrounding environments. Supporting biodiversity & promoting eco-awareness is now as nourishing for your own health & well-being as it is for our natural environment with Eco Garden.

Finally, a small explanation of who I am. My name is Billy. Eco Garden has been a long term dream of mine & we're only just getting started. 

It doesn't seem long ago since my awesome little sister helped me design our company logo & our first load of packaging & now all of a sudden I am here & meeting my customers. From where we were two years ago to now rolling out national campaigns alongside the nation's water companies to promote saving water, plastic and single use pollution and plastic alternatives; as well as growing our online store, our offerings and our brand awareness has been an incredible journey.

The path to sustainable living is not short but I truly hope to make it at least little easier. I continually reinvest in Eco Garden to keep bringing new products, develop new methods of sustainability & to support our ethical manufacturers.

As an 'average' guy myself I know how people's lives take precedent. I understand that life goes fast & the world around us doesn't always make it easy to do the right thing for our beautiful planet but I do truly think our population is waking up. Climate Change is all around us. Plastic Pollution is shaping our very environment. Consuming is out of control. But yet there are those amongst us who care enough to patiently educate, to lead by example & to put zero waste living in a positive light. I will always make Eco Garden a hub of positivity. A garden to harvest the opportunity to do something for the planet, from the comfort of your own home. Nice & easy. No stress. Just small, simple changes to your super fast lifestyle. But here I go, waffling on...I think you get the picture on that by now. Right?

Setting up a brand which promotes environmental consciousness, eco-awareness & bringing about positive change has been an incredible experience but there is always so much more to do. I am just a guy from West Yorkshire who was inspired by his amazing partner to do her proud & bring her enthusiasm for the planet to a larger audience. Whilst every person who makes the effort to change their habits & be more environmentally conscious makes a difference, I could not do any of this without all of you amazing people.

By shopping with Eco Garden, my little green company from the valley of Hebden Bridge, you are supporting a start up to begin doing great things for the environment - & also helping me do something I love. I will always give back to both the planet & my customers - embodied in our amazing work with One Tree Planet which is as nourishing for me to see take shape as it is for you guys to know every time you use Eco Garden a tree is being planet. So a wholehearted thank you to you for shopping here or even just reading this post today & I promise to continue fighting the fight to bring about true, genuine positive change & awareness for our planet.

We are a small business but we are immeasurably, unspeakably grateful to those who take the time to read my splurging of copy to understand why my little company does what it does. In short, the reason is remarkably simple. Because we have to.

Thank you for reading my ramblings today. For more information on who we are as a brand, what we are doing to support sustainability around the world & detailed insights into how we can all support our natural world - subscribe to our newsletter & follow us on our social media accounts. Details can be found across our website by the tabs below.

Have a wonderful day, everyone. And thank you for visiting Eco Garden today.

Billy Fletcher, Managing Director (Just a bloke from Yorkshire)

Eco Garden