Natural Shampoo Bar & Soaps Update: Finally Packing!

Hi friends!

Today has been amazing & I just wanted to share a quick blog about what we've been up to. Myself & Sarah have basically spent the entire weekend picking, packaging, wrapping & boxing our new shampoo bar & soap range & it's probably been the most exciting day ever!

Seeing the first box sealed inside the kraft paper packaging I've spent months working on with Print Bureau, a Hebden Bridge based printers who have been absolutely amazing, was such an incredibly nourishing experience for me & to spend the weekend doing it with my muse, Sarah. Wow. I'm just feeling remarkably thankful that we can enjoy this process together & bring something we are so proud of to you all in the coming days & weeks.

Print Bureau understood from day one how important the sustainable message of our packaging was. We worked on creating our own dye cut for the kraft paper packaging, sampling the colours & the shapes to fit the soaps perfectly & to keep them safe in transit. We created paper stickers & a plastic free method of cutting & printing the packaging itself by using a big old school German sounding machine that I wish I could remember the name of - but on the other side the packaging feels so much more authentic but contemporary than I ever imagined. Completely zero waste, completely plastic free. Ready to be recycled or composted after you've received your soaps & finished with it.

The packaging itself was so satisfying. The dye cut we made was absolutely perfect. It was like one of those 'super satisfying' videos online watching the boxes slot together with no glue, no nothing. Just good old fashioned planning, folding & cutting. I could not be happier with how they turned out!

Sorting through our amazing natural soap bars & seeing the product take shape on our dining room table was just mind blowing. After a year of planning, sampling, idea drafting & organisation seeing a line I'm particularly excited to bring fall together before me was just lovely & to share time with Sarah to do it...well I'm just thankful, that's all.

We sourced recyclable tissue paper from another local Yorkshire supplier to neatly hand wrap all the sets & whilst I may not be known for my delicacy with present wrapping and such...I am pretty damn proud of how they turned out. Even if it did take some education from Sarah to help my typical male fingers to suss it out.

Sealing up the boxes. Stacking them for distribution. We're now closer than ever to our launch date & I just can't wait to show you all what we've been working so hard on for what seems like forever. Every moment has been worth it & we can't wait to make a difference to our planet with these amazing products.

Keep an eye out for product teasers, competitions & details coming really soon.

Take care everyone. Just a quick one to update you on where we are up to today!

All the best & see you really soon,


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