Product Focus! Eco Garden Bamboo Cleansing Pads

Hi everyone & welcome to the first of our product focus blog posts!

In this section of the blog we want to share with you the unique research, sustainable decision making & eco-development behind the product & how you can get the most out of your Eco Garden collection. Today's focus is our amazing reusable bamboo cotton cleansing pads. I'll try and make it more interesting than it sounds...

First off, for those of you reading this who are yet to try our incredible plastic free cleansing pads - here's the product in a nutshell.

Our cleansing pads are made out of bamboo cotton, a perfectly durable but soft & versatile material. They are brilliant for the application of lotions, toners & cleansers as well as removing make up and even exfoliating. You receive twelve of our bespoke cleansing pads in this set, alongside an Eco Garden 100% pure cotton laundry bag and a tidy natural bamboo storage case. The set is completely vegan and cruelty free. But beyond the obvious - why use our cleansing pad set? Let me tell you...

Eco Garden are completely committed to ensuring every single element of our products are 100% plastic free. We don't compromise and we don't take the easy way out by bending this single, hugely important rule. Many reusable cleansing pads on the market still feature plastic materials. This is due to plastic simply being a very durable, very cheap option to work with and also in some cases because companies out there have not done their proper research and leg work. This became very apparent to us in our product development for the Bamboo Toothbrushes in particular but that's a story for another possibly dull blog post.

DuPont materials and all kinds of plastics operate as alloys in some sustainable products which for us conflicts the whole point of being environmentally conscious. This is why we engineered our cleansing pad set taking every single care, precaution and design feature possible to guarantee a genuinely 100% plastic free product.

You should not have to compromise on quality, performance or durability when switching to a more eco friendly alternative and that is why Eco Garden has done considerable (although probably very boring as we read this back) research into finding the right materials to provide our amazing customers with a truly sustainable product and a more rewarding eco-experience.

To summarise, through lengthy discussions, sampling, development & engineering with sustainable, ethical manufacturers Eco Garden can confidently say our cleansing pads are among the highest quality in the market. We worked closely with our chosen manufacturer to create a bespoke, unique and high quality eco friendly cleansing pad that ticks all of our criteria. They are 100% plastic free, sustainably produced & of exceptional quality.

The cleansing pads use responsibly sourced bamboo fiber and pure cotton to provide versatile use in your daily skin care routine. The bamboo storage case is made from responsibly farmed bamboo only. This bamboo is wonderfully durable, stylish & organic. Finally the laundry bag is made from 100% pure cotton, which again provides excellent durability in the wash making your cleansing pad set truly reusable - for longer! We are proud to provide an extensively researched, truly eco friendly cleansing pad set which has been tested to be gentle on your skin whilst being durable, reliable & versatile.

Our packaging is made from recycled brown kraft card, which is completely compostable. Though it does have some useful tips, statistics & helpful care information on there - so perhaps digest what is has to offer before you eagerly recycle the packaging! Our fulfilment method is also and will always be completely eco friendly, using recycled packaging 100% of the time. Whilst we know this seems just another small feature - it is important to us that every product arrives at your door with zero plastic, zero waste and providing a greener experience from the comfort of your own home the minute you receive your package.

Now some statistics. If you haven't fallen asleep already..

Did you know that 97% of the Earth’s water is held by the ocean? Of course you did. If you're reading this it's safe to assume you're already an eco enthusiast.
We rely on the ocean to regulate our global climate, to absorb CO2 & it is the number one source of protein for well over a billion people. However, as a global population we dump around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic into our oceans every single year. 12.7 MILLION TONNES. Just let that sink in for a moment...
This negligence damages marine eco systems & threatens the health of sea creatures around the world. The damage is rapidly becoming irreparable & our actions over the next few years truly determine the state of our oceans & our very existence for the next 10,000 years to come & beyond.
Here’s some quick ocean plastic statistics to help you comprehend the damage we are doing by consuming plastics around the world.
🌊 more than 1 million seabirds & 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year.
🌊 there is now 5.25 trillion macro & micro pieces of plastic in our oceans. A staggering 46,000 pieces for every square mile. This has a collective weight of up to 269,000 tonnes.
🌊 every day spring 8 million pieces of plastic make it into our oceans.
🌊 the world produces 381 million tonnes of plastic waste yearly & this is only going to increase unless we do something about it.
🌊 50% of this sensational amount of plastic is single use! 
🌊 plastic packaging is a main offender with 80 million tonnes of plastic packaging being wasted yearly in the USA alone.
🌊 more than 1 million plastic bags statistically end up in the bin every minute. EVERY MINUTE.
🌊 the world uses over 500 billion plastic bags a year - thats 150 for every person on Earth?! Who needs to be using that many plastic bags?
🌊 and finally. By the end of this year - the number of plastics in the sea will be higher than the number of fish.
The statistics can go on & on but...This cannot be allowed to continue. We are moved by the world’s increasing awareness & positioning against single use plastic. But it still isn’t enough. Without rambling at you all day, just know that here at Eco Garden we are conscious of the facts & we want to make a difference. More importantly - we want to help YOU make a difference.
That is why as a company we are 100% plastic free from our manufacture, to the materials used in our products being natural & sustainable to the packaging used to bring our unique eco-friendly products straight to your door.
Small changes for a big effect. Convenience without compromise. Going Green Starts At Home. That is our goal and mission for every single product and it remains completely relevant here for our Cleansing Pads Set.
So anyway, you came here today to learn a bit more about our Bamboo Cleansing Pads. So let's finish with how to care properly for your new sustainable item assuming you've already ordered your new eco set & are well on your way to making a positive, greener choice to enjoy a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.
We wanted our cleansing pads to be truly reusable but durable and long lasting. The longer they last whilst maintaining a high quality application, the more economically viable it is for our customers to make the transition away from plastic products to more sustainable, natural options. It also makes that transition even more environmentally friendly as the cleansing pads will simply save & replace more plastic pollutants in our environment the longer they last. It isn't rocket science, but its why we put so much work into the research, testing and development of our eco cleansing pad set.
This is of course why your set comes complete with a pure cotton laundry bag to ensure the safe, organised washing of your cleansing pads in between use.
Washing your pads in your regular wash saves energy & money. It's as simple as that! It also means your pads don't get lost or damaged helping your set last even longer. We recommend washing your pads in a 40 degree wash to ensure the products used on them are completely removed, leaving them clean and ready for reuse. We also recommend air drying your pads either in your handy, breathable laundry bag or individually hung up. Whatever suits you best! 
This post has already gone on for much longer than I thought and I won't risk boring you further with my ramblings. The bottom line is, we are so happy with our cleansing pad set. We are proud to have produced such an environmentally friendly product with amazing application, wonderful quality and the standard of durability we wanted from day one. We can safely say our Bamboo Cotton Cleansing Pad Set delivers on our mission. A product that is sustainable, convenient & bespoke. We always want to offer a convenient sustainable lifestyle option for you - our friends - without a compromise to quality or performance and we can't wait to see more of you enjoying this brilliant set and joining us in making a difference from the comfort of our own homes.
As we always say - Going Green Starts At Home.
Cheers guys,
P.S I've realised I'm in the habit of saying "we" instead of "I". I think I do this as it feels like a collective mission. I am literally just a guy from West Yorkshire who was inspired to do something productive and healthy for the planet - but it is "US" who truly make the difference...
I always write my posts from my perspective but always with a bigger picture in mind. Again, I'm rambling. But maybe in future I'll try remind myself to first person the heck out of these posts. Or maybe I'll forget again and just keep signing them off "from Billy". Either way - I hope you enjoyed this post & even more I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Eco Garden Cleansing Pad Set. The positivity around the products so far has been so humbling & it truly means the world. Thanks again everyone - have an amazing day!

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