Top Tips Thursdays #6 🌍

Top Tip #6

Another Thursday, another eco friendly Top Tip from Eco Garden 🌿

Everybody uses shampoo & conditioner. Some use it daily. Some use it weekly. We all have our hair care rituals. But one thing is for sure - we all use our chosen products to take care of our hair.

So, why not take care of the planet as well?

Making the super sustainable switch to shampoo & conditioner bars is a super easy way to reduce your plastic consumption in your home. Besides, gorgeous shampoo bags & soaps look so much prettier in your bathroom than big plastic bottles!

Let’s consider some very quick simple maths & realise why this is such an important Top Tip.

There are now thought to be approximately 30 million households in the UK in February 2021 with a population of between 67-68 million. This yields an average of about 2.2-2.25 people per household.

Let’s take shampoo, conditioner & shower gel as an example. That’s three plastic bottles on the go at any one time. You probably go through one bottle of shower gel per month? And then perhaps shampoo & conditioner every two months? Sure each household may go through those quicker or slower. But average consumption is within those figures when being used by 2 people on average in each household.

That means, every year each household could get through 12 shower gel plastic bottles and 12 combined bottles of shampoo & conditioner. That’s 24 bottles consumed & wasted by 30 million households. That’s then 720 MILLION bottles of plastic bathroom products ending up in our landfills, our oceans & our environment EVERY YEAR.

Now these calculations are crude. But whilst every household deals with their waste differently, for those that recycle & reduce waste - there’s another household that carelessly churns through horrific amounts of plastic waste. For those that have already made some sensible, responsible sustainable swaps there are households yet to start lining as consciously in a domestic setting as it’s simply too easy for some to won’t make a difference if I change this about my consumption or not.

And this is where the changes must seriously take place. Adjusting our mindset. Considering our own responsibility. And starting where we can influence our consumption the most. At. Home.

This is just shampoo, conditioner & soap. Household items we all use every single day. There are hundreds more adaptations we can make. But for this week - let’s just focus on one. Make that small step.

Use up the rest of your products before recycling the packaging as best as possible before making the sustainable switch to shampoo & soap bars. Our range is tagged in this post. But there are hundreds more wonderful options. This isn’t about pushing our products. It’s about informing & educating about small convenient changes which can be made to your daily lifestyle to save the planet 🌍



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