Planting Trees with One Tree Planted

Eco Garden are delighted to announce our partnership with the wonderful people at One Tree Planted! When setting up this business, it was a dream of mine to manufacture & create truly wonderful & unique products gifted to us by natural resources. Using only environmentally friendly materials & promoting ethical, sustainable practice, Eco Garden are proud to make it easier than ever before to Go Green From Home. With us you can shop guilt free knowing each & every product is plastic-free, was sustainably & responsibly sourced & knowing that each purchase sees a donation go to One Tree Planted - who do sensational work in reforestation.

We always wanted to partner with charities who mirrored our ethics & gave us opportunity to give back to nature. And for that reason we are now proud to announce our partnership with One Tree Planted. We are honoured to plant trees alongside these incredible people to truly create a healthier world & we want to thank each & every one of you who purchase & support our products as it is YOU who is truly making the difference.

One Tree Planted plant trees to restore nature & biodiversity. They also raise awareness about the importance of trees & offer ethical, eco-friendly businesses like ours a simple sustainability solution & a means to motivate younger & older generations to do something positive for the environment. Trees clean our air & water, create habitats for biodiversity, contribute to our health & well-being, & create jobs for social impact. We’re honoured to have reforestation through One Tree Planted as an integral part of our business model & we are truly thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back.

We will be donating proceeds from every product sold to One Tree Planted so that with your help - we can all collectively make the world a better, healthier place.

If you'd like to know more about the exceptional work One Tree Planted do, please pay close attention to our social media platforms where we regularly update about the wonderful things this incredible organisation are doing & how many trees we have planted together!

Seeing this dream become a reality has been a wonderful journey. On a personal note, living in the Yorkshire countryside of the United Kingdom - I have a true appreciation for the natural beauty around us all in our day to day lives. The idea of that natural order being upset by irresponsible consumption of plastics & unsustainable practice is too greater cost & one we should all feel the rallying call to do something about it. Eco Garden's intention is to provide convenient change to the way we consume & live our daily lives. We don't ever want this to come as a compromise - but as a revelation. And our new partnership with One Tree Planted takes this idea a step further, allowing you - our wonderful customers & visitors - to make the difference in the most convenient way possible. Together, we will breathe new life into this world & realise a cleaner, healthier way of living whilst doing it. 

Thanks for stopping by today everybody. We are incredibly excited for the future & we hope you are too!