110 Trees Planted in India for April 2021 🌳

We have planted 110 trees in India throughout April! Here’s why we chose to support India this past month 🌳

As we all face these unprecedented times together, this month we proudly stand with India to offer a little extra sustainable support in the form of the reforestation of this “megadiverse” nation 🌏

Ranging from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, from the Bay of Bengal to the Hindu Kush - India is a vast land of biodiversity and environmental contrast. India’s forests are a reflection of the subcontinent’s great diversity and incredibly ecosystems.

Tropical, temperature montane, alpine and mangroves are amongst the amazing array of forests spread across the country. Around 8% of the world’s flora and fauna is found in India including endangered species like Bengal Tigers.

Additionally India’s forests support the livelihoods of almost 275 million people. Our work with @onetreeplanted will support the biodiversity, reforestation and environmental economy in India, increase their air quality and FIGHT HUNGER as we plant fruit trees to provide incredible socioeconomic benefits to a nation that deserves our support.

India has some of the worst air quality in the world which is a massive drain on human health. Your support for our store will see trees planted to filter the air, trap pollutants and provide thousands of pounds of breathable oxygen over their lifetimes.

As always, thank you for your support 🌏

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