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110 Trees Planted in India for April 2021 🌳

We have planted 110 trees in India throughout April! Here’s why we chose to support India this past month 🌳 As we all face these unprecedented times together, this month we proudly stand with India to offer a little extra sustainable support in the form of the reforestation of this “megadiverse” nation 🌏Ranging from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, from the Bay of Bengal to the Hindu Kush - India is a vast land of biodiversity and environmental contrast. India’s forests are a reflection of the subcontinent’s great diversity and incredibly ecosystems. Tropical, temperature montane, alpine and mangroves are amongst the amazing array of forests spread across the country. Around 8% of the world’s flora and fauna is found...

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117 Trees Planted This Month in...Australia! 🌳🦘

We’re delighted to say we have now planted 500 trees in four different continents as we continue our goals to put trees in the ground from the proceeds  of every sale in every corner of the world. We plant trees every month with our official partners One Tree Planted who do such amazing work to grow awareness for reforestation & allow enthusiasts like ourselves the opportunity to support a sustainable economy whilst reinforcing the habits of the wild, the land condition of the natives and much much more. October 2020 saw us plant 123 trees in the Amazon Rainforest. Latin America is home to a remarkable variety if wildlife and tree species and supporting reforestation and conservation there was our...

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Planting November’s Trees 🌳 Where, How Many & Why?

Amazing news, Blog Readers! WE have planted 128 trees this month 🌲🦧🌳🐘 We are thrilled to announce we have planted 128 trees with One Tree Planted from the proceeds of sales in November 2020. We are so proud & you should be too! It’s your incredible support each month that puts real trees in the ground around the world 🌍 This month we decided to plant trees in a new territory & we chose Indonesia as the destination for our donations. Here’s why... Our collective donations this month are helping rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species like orangutans, tigers & over 1,700 species of birds across Indonesia. These projects in Asia are creating jobs & providing sustainable, long-term income for...

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