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Why do we use bamboo? 🎋

Why do we use bamboo as a material for many of our products? And why do we believe it should be used widely across our society as we combat environmental issues globally. 🌍🌿🎋

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Top Tips Thursdays #1: Top 5 Sustainable Kitchen Tips

Eco Garden’s Top 5 Sustainable Kitchen Tips you can start today! 🌿 Welcome to Top Tips Thursdays! 🌲 You’ve been asking us for our best advise more & more recently on how to create a more sustainable home. Our goal has always been to make earth friendly living more approachable & attainable through our own environmentally conscious products. Helping you make the difference is what we’re all about...So what better way to help you on your zero waste journey than a few quick & easy TOP TIPS which will help you start living more sustainably right away - with no compromise to your daily convenience 🌍 For our first Top Tips Thursday we are looking at some immediate changes you...

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December 2020 Trees Planted. Another Personal Best! 🌳🌲

We're absolutely thrilled to announce in December 2020 we once again beat our personal best & planted 132 trees.   This month we decided to support a new continent as we turned our attention to Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa. Here's why...   The tree planting project Eco Garden has supported this month alongside our partners, One Tree Planted, links environmental restoration with income generation, providing the local community with the knowledge & tools to conserve their land, protect their water supply, & create a sustainable, diverse economy for future generations.   It focuses on the Loka Bedelcha Kebele in Southern Ethiopia, & the Amhara region in the North. Both are areas where environmental degradation is threatening livelihoods & biodiversity. These...

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